NJ Riot Lacrosse was conceived by forward-thinking lacrosse parents who have lived in the trenches of the game since their boys were little.  With years of experience under their belt, they were determined to create a new organization…one that included all the things they liked about prior organizations and one that omitted the things they didn’t so as to change the landscape of the current club mentality and “corporate” structure.  Our mission is to offer an elite, premier organization that focuses on high-level play year-round and fosters the love of the game without sacrificing the integrity of providing teams and offering programs of the highest quality while delivering what we say we will deliver.

We share the same vision not only for our children, but for the boys we have raised in the game over the years…and the young men we intend to raise in the game in the coming years.  We strive to honor the game by not just competing, but teaching as well.

NJ Riot kicked off their first program in 2013 with an elite roster of the Class of 2016, who played their inaugural summer season in summer 2013.   A NJ Riot Class of 2017 team was then added to the mix.  And to further their love and passion for the game, NJ Riot then expanded their niche beyond elite high school play and merged with the Morris Select Lacrosse organization to include summer teams in grades 4-8, as well as camps, training and developmental programs throughout the year.  All our teams will be coached by the finest coaches, will receive the finest equipment and will attend the highest level events.