Who is NJ Riot Lacrosse?

NJ Riot Lacrosse was started in 2012 with the idea to provide a select group of Class of 2016 lacrosse players with an opportunity to stay together as a unit through high school, to learn numerous valuable lessons, and to become a “unit” on and off the field.  Bringing together players and families from various towns and backgrounds is not always easy, but with good people came great results and relationships.

We set out to incorporate this same concept with the 2017 class and had over 90 boys vying for a team spot.  We chose a group that we are very excited about and have already, in 2 league games, witnessed the camaraderie that is being built.

In late summer 2013, we were presented with an amazing opportunity to take over the brand of Morris Select Lacrosse that was operated for many years by Fairleigh Dickinson University (“FDU”) Head Lacrosse Coach Patrick Scarpello.  Coach Scarpello, has been a very successful lacrosse coach for over 25 years as well as lacrosse father, having raised two sons that were top D1 lacrosse recruits.

What is the prevailing “mission” of the NJ Riot Lacrosse program?

NJ Riot is a boys lacrosse club program that competes in June and July. We will play in reputable and well-run, competitive lacrosse tournaments to provide the best opportunities for our players to complete and enjoy playing lacrosse.  Our youth program emphasizes increased skills and techniques, along with fundamentally sound team play.

Is NJ Riot just Morris Select with a new name?

Emphatically NO.  Morris Select lacrosse no longer exists.  The only link NJ Riot has to Morris Select lacrosse is Coach Scarpello, the home base at FDU in Madison and a number of former Morris Select coaches that will be offered positions to coach our youth teams.

What makes NJ Riot different from the many other lacrosse organizations?

The founders of NJ Riot are parents just like you.  The Founders have collectively been involved with numerous other local lacrosse programs over the years and felt like there were things that we could change and improve, and things that we didn’t feel were being offered elsewhere.  Every program has its merits.  We decided to eliminate things we disliked from our experiences with other lacrosse programs and combine the merits we liked from our experiences and incorporate them into what is NJ Riot Lacrosse.

Who will be coaching my son’s team?

This is an incredibly important question and one that we realize is of immense importance to you as parents and to your sons as players.  Many of our coaches are professional educators.  Our coaches have extensive experience coaching at all levels of lacrosse.

All items with regard to coaching are reviewed and considered so as to provide our membership with the quality that we expect for our kids.  We have developed a solid list of coaching candidates to coach the players next summer and these coaches will operate according to specific NJ Riot lacrosse criteria.

How communicative will NJ Riot be?

Communication is a staple of why NJ Riot was created.  We pride ourselves in our communication as that is a key in any successful relationship.  One of our staff will ALWAYS return calls and/or emails promptly, and we are ALWAYS available to discuss items with regard to your sons.

Each NJ Riot team will be asked to designate a volunteer team parent (or parents).  For routine matters, e.g., practice times or practice changes, food for tournaments, etc., the team parent will be the source of information to the team as a whole.

How much parent involvement is considered too much?

NJ Riot Founder, Lee Southren, has been known over the years to be quite the over communicator!  Lee believes that as long as the communication is focused on getting questions answered, specifically designed to your son, (not another player) and with the intent of a positive outcome, there isn’t a number that is considered too much.  NJ Riot Lacrosse has created a Parent-Player Code Of Conduct that must be signed by all our players and their parents.  In that document, clear guidelines are established to address the standard issues of player, parent and coach conduct, playing time, team policies, etc.

Where does NJ Riot hold its team practices?

All NJ Riot summer teams will practice at FDU-College at Florham in Madison (285 Madison Avenue, Madison, NJ).

What is your refund policy for the team fee?

All fees are non-refundable. When you accept an invitation to a NJ Riot team you also accept the financial responsibility of the team fee. The team fees are established based on the number of players we accept each season.  Every player’s team fee goes toward the club expenses.  Sadly, even in the event of an injury we have still have relied on that player’s team fee in the budget.

When is the Riot “Summer season”?

Our “summer season” starts with practices commencing in mid-June and extending into mid-late July with tournaments on the weekends during this period.

How many tournaments will the NJ Riot team attend?

Our teams will attend four tournaments.  We are constantly working on our schedules and offerings.  We realize people would like to have their son’s schedules (especially Summer) as early as possible.  We take a little extra time evaluating the tournament offerings (especially for the Youth teams) so they are slotted properly.  We want them to have a quality experience and play against tough competition.

Is there a lot of travel?

Possibly 1-2 of the tournaments will require overnight hotel stays. We believe that tournaments that require travel and overnight stays provides a great experience for the players to spend a weekend away with teammates and for families to bond.

Will NJ Riot Lacrosse assist with booking hotel rooms?

We block hotel rooms for the group or you are free to book them yourself. We work with hotels to obtain the best fees possible, best location to the fields and to assist with keeping all of our players in the same hotels when possible. All of this information will provided to the players’ families once our tournament slate is finalized.

Are NJ Riot team practices mandatory?

Yes, each player is very important to practices and games.  It is essential that players are at practice to develop team chemistry and to learn from and work with the coaches.

Do you have an alerting strategy for cancellations or bad weather?

All updates will be posted on our website and Team Parents will also communicate with their team.  We are exploring a text messaging service (free) that will send a text message to your phone.  We will provide more information on the text service in an email at a later date.