NJ Riot’s Lee Southren Continues to Participate in Club Directors Panel on www.laxallstars.com

Over the past month Lee Southren (NJ Riot CEO/Founder) has participated in an online panel with a number of other prominent elite lacrosse club program directors.  Each week the panel is presented with a thought-provoking question (or questions) and all the answers are then posted onwww.laxallstars.com. This panel has been extremely well-received and the answers are incredibly informative. In week 1 Lee (and the others) responded to the initial question of “What makes a club lacrosse program successful?”.   His previously provided answer can be read by clicking the red link:Club Directors Panel Q&A.

In the subsequent weeks, the following questions were posed and responses to the panel answers can be accessed by red links below each question.  We hope you find this information informative.

 Week 2 Questions: a) Given the shift towards freshmen and sophomore recruiting, have you considered, or are you, considering, moving your top coaches to the younger teams? And b) how are you preparing 14 and 15 year olds and their families for this accelerated process?

Link to Week 2 Responses:Week 2 Panel Responses

Week 3 Questions: a) Are you noticing a shift to club away from high school because of the emphasis on recruiting? Is this a good thing or bad thing? And b) Are club teams welcomed, or not supported, by the high school coaches inyour area?

Link to Week 3 Responses: Week 3 Panel Responses

Week 4 Question: What kind of expectations should a “Lacrosse Late Bloomer” have, after a fantastic Summer of lacrosse (before their senior year)?

Link to Week 4 Responses: Week 4 Panel Responses